Sunday, 11 March 2012

Wargaming News

Considering I started this blog to document my progress as I painted up my Skaven army, the number of posts concering that topic, or in fact any posts relating to wargaming have been woefully thin on the ground. So here's a post to correct that; it's not about Skaven though, rather predictably I've been distracted and have started a whole new project.

Fortunately it's not the usual massive army which needs months of work that I will inevitably not complete. The new game is called SAGA, and it's a skirmish game set in the Viking age. I've purchased a Welsh warband to play with which comprises 33 models, as it's a skirmish game this is all I will ever really need to paint; ideal for a notoriously lazy painter.

Another bit of incentive to get the whole lot finished is that I've entered a doubles tournament in mid April, so the force will have to be finished by then. or I won't get to play. And having pulled an all-nighter to paint an entire force in a day before now I can say with some certainty that I don't want to do it again.

So on to some pics; I've not really bothered about doing too much conversion or modelling really, pretty much just on the warlord, this is mainly because my goal is to just get the force finished for the tournament. As the weather has been so good today I've been focusing on getting everything modelled and undercoated.

Now they're all undercoated (the warlord will be done when I'm finished modelling him), I just want to get the base coats down for the main colours so I can take them down to a gaming club in Sheffield to get some practice games in. Below is an example of the basic standard I intend to have complete by a week on Thursday.

Not great admittedly but if I'm gonna get them finished I can't get too ambitious.

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