Monday, 20 February 2012

Shoe cleaning

I wasn't sure whether to post this or not because it really is pretty inane, but then I decided that by not posting it it would mean I had wasted my time writing it (I could have been playing Skyrim ffs) and I wasn't sure I could live with that.

So anyway we went out like a month ago, and I cleaned my shoes so I could wear them when I went out. I just thought that because they were so ditched when I started and they looked pretty good when I finished I would write a post about it. 

So here they are to begin with, all dirty and that. Basically I cleaned them first with a toothbrush and some all purpose cleaner, then used some white trainer polish to shine them up again. Add some new laces and they looked like this:

Now I realise that in the pictures they really didn't look that bad to begin with and they still look a little stained in the end but the difference in real life was much bigger Really it was huge. I promise. Fortunately thanks to some Photoshop magic I can show you how they looked to me when I'd done them so at least you can (hopefully) understand why I might think that it would be worth posting:



 If you're still here then thank you for validating my efforts, here's a video to say thanks:


  1. What a waste of time dirty shoes always look better, stop faffing around and paint some minis! ;)

  2. Lol dirty white trainers aren't a good look, although it was kind of a waste of time because by the next day they were completely ditched again.