Monday, 28 November 2011


So here is the cover art and the opening intro paragraph for the d6 RPG system I've been working on. I was going to wait until it's finished before I posted anything but I think that may be a way off so here's something to keep the blog going in the meantime:

Metaverse is an RPG set across many different worlds, it’s designed to be a played across quick sessions with short story arcs; above all it’s supposed to be quick, easy and fun.

It’s a d6 system and it’s very GM led, it’s not designed to be very competitive or have strict rules, so don’t play these rules if you want to have lots of structure to help determine what is or isn’t possible or what you/your character can or can’t do, the rules are only there to support things like combat situations etc.

The idea stems from when a friend and I used to play RPGs when we were younger. We never played with any official rule sets like D&D etc. we just made up a story, drew some maps, worked out a quick set of simple rules and got playing; the problem with this kind of system is that you don’t get as much of a sense of character progression because the sessions were always short and when we came to play again (usually months later) we came up with a new story etc.

What I’ve tried to do with Metaverse was create a system where you could play all the different story ideas you’ve ever had, but combined into a single system with a single character for consistent progression with a simple set of rules that doesn’t take ages to relearn every time you play.

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