Friday, 20 January 2012

Operation Newspaper Bandits

Back in 2006 I was staying at a friends who lived in a student house; one of his housemates went away for a stag weekend in Spain and to entertain ourselves we decided to pull a prank.

It started with a prank on another housemate, where we broke into his room and left a video of ourselves on his PC (I would post it but it includes incriminating evidence of not only myself but others); anyway having devised a method of breaking and entering, which involved no breaking but plenty of entering, we had free access to pretty much all the rooms in the house and with Rob being in Spain for 4 days it was ample time to get ambitious with a prank.

I don't actually remember where the idea came from or who came up with it, but it definitely didn't involve being sober. Either way we decided it would be a great idea and started wrapping.

My friend Ian as we first started, we were still smiling at this point

This is me (I'm more of a manager than a worker)

This is Gregorio, he didn't get to put in much time but he enjoyed every second

Pretty much straight away we realised we didn't have enough paper (we had one newspaper), or tape (two part used rolls); so we waited until the next day and went out shopping. 

After buying 12 newspapers and 5 rolls of making tape (mainly The Telegraph, as this was the best value volume of paper per £; although with a copy of The Daily Sport and The Sun for detailing) we headed back to continue our work. We started by photographing a section of the room and then removing the items wrapping them and the surfaces and replacing everything as before.

Spot the difference

Ok, maybe not everything went back exactly as before

From here we carried on for the next 26 hours until the entire room was done. 
We even wrapped the fag-ends in the ashtray.

Well deserved rest, sort of... it wasn't that comfortable.

And here is the final result in an incredibly grainy poorly shot video!

Or if you prefer slideshows then I made this especially for you.