Friday, 6 April 2012

Milky Creme Surprise

Seeing as it's Easter I thought I'd post up this recipe for my Milky Creme Surprise. The idea came from reading about Turducken, or multi-bird roasts; I (along with every other child in Britain probably) had always wanted a solid chocolate Easter egg, why not try to make one.

Essentially it's a combination of a Milkybar, Creme Egg and a Kinder Surprise, it is possible (and I have done in the past) to carry on from here and nest the MCS inside a small Easter egg  then nest that one inside a bigger one etc, but unfortunately it is very expensive (as you might imagine), and I'm pretty skint at the moment so I'll stick to the basics. As a side note though if you do decide to expand the egg I strongly recommend putting Toffee Poppets in the packing mix, the toffee melts and goes all stringy leaving chewy streaks which are delicious.

Anyway time to move on to the recipe, get the insulin ready, this abomination is going to be sweet.

First unwrap the Milkybar and melt it; I do this by boiling some water and putting it in a bowl, then putting the (broken up) chocolate in a smaller bowl (or mug) inside this.

While the Milkybar is melting, unwrap the kinder egg and *carefully* cut it open along the seam using a scalpel/very sharp knife; the idea is to cut it into two even halves.

*Optional* While the Milkybar is melting, if you have time feel free to construct the Kinder Surprise toy.

Once the Milkybar is melted, remove it from the bowl and let it cool slightly, keep stirring intermittently to make sure it doesn't go lumpy. In the meantime prepare the eggs by lining the outside of them with multiple layers of foil; if the melted Milkybar is too hot it will start to melt the Kinder Surprise, this will give it some support in case this happens.

Once the melted Milkybar is ready (doesn't feel so hot it would melt chocolate), pour about 1-2 teaspoons into one half of the Kinder Surprise, then place the Creme Egg in.

Then put the the same amount of the Meltybar in the other half and use whats left to fill out around the sides of the Creme Egg making sure there are no gaps.

Then put both halves together and wrap the foil around the completed MCS. Place this in the fridge for a couple of hours for it to set.

Once set take it out, and if you're so inclined trim off any excess chocolate.

And again, if you're so inclined cut it to see the lovely layers. If you aren't so inclined then I assume you've already eaten it, if this is the case you may skip the following step.

Now it's done all you have to do is eat it, so bon appetit, and Happy Easter!