Friday, 21 October 2011

Medieval Feasting

Wow its been way too long since my last post, I have lots of drafts but no artwork to go long with them (that's my excuse) so lets try photo's to illustrate instead.

Tonight we are starting a new D&D campaign, so we decided to make it special by having a medieval(ish) feast to go along with it, so for my contribution I have:

A whole side of smoked salmon (smoked by my Dad) and freshly baked bread:

Roast pheasant wrapped in bacon, and some pigs in blankets:

Some roasted Welsh black beef:

Some mushrooms stuffed with Stilton, bacon and garlic (these will be cooked later):

And the pride of this mornings cooking, my triple dripping roast potatoes, cooked in the fat of  the pheasant, beef and pork they are absolutely delicious:

I'm now going to do another very medieval thing and fast for the rest of the day to make sure I can actually eat all of this, otherwise there will be nothing left for anyone else (especially the potatoes).

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